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Cantaloupe Lily--This is one of my BEST sellers!


Mint Chocolate--Also known as After Dinner Mint



Clover & Aloe--A great unisex scent


Cranberry Spice-A deep Cranberry Scent



Grapefruit-Literally Smells Like A Pink Grapefruit



Green Tea with Citrus-This has a lemon scent to it, but no overpowering because of the green tea.


Love's Spell Type-Many have said this smells exactly like "the real thing."



Melon Patch-A light, but yummy scent.


Mountain Breeze-Definitely a unisex scent. This scent is a really "clean" scent.



Oatmeal & Honey-Just smells GREAT. It's another top seller.


Pacific Ocean-Another unisex, "clean" scent. Very popular!



Sweet Pea-this is actually dark purple in color, but the photo didn't turn out.


Wild Mint-This smells SO GOOD! I love how the house smells every time I get to make a batch.



Yellow Rose-This literally smells like your average rose!



Need to try just a little before committing to a bigger bar? These little travel/trial/guest soaps are perfect! Approximately 1/2 oz., these bars are perfect for throwing in a travel bag, just to try out different scents, see how great my soaps make your skin feel or to keep around the house for guests. These are also great for bed and breakfasts, small motels, etc.




**If you'd like a scent sample to see what a particular scent smells like, email me your address and the scents you'd like to

smell and I'll mail them out to you (up to 6 scents). I totally understand that one of the toughest things can be choosing a scent when you can't actually smell it, and that's why I like to offer scent samples to my customers.


Because of the chemical processes and different ingredients in different products, scents do change somewhat so if I send you a scent sample, please keep in mind that different products of the same scent may smell slightly different.


Each soap contains 100% natural glycerin which is a great skin softener and has no:

No Harsh Detergents

No Petroleum Products

No Parabens

No Alcohols

This leads to a naturally moisturizing, non-oily, gentle soap that can be used on your face as well as the rest of your body. Some people even use them on their hair as shampoo bars!


Soap Ingredients: Water, Sodium Hydroxide (lye), Soybean Oil, Coconut Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Shea Butter, Fragrance, Colorant, **Goat's Milk.

(May or may not have Goat's Milk. Please ask if you have an allergy.)


******I do wholesale, please email me with wholesale inquiries.*******


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