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Hi, my name is Jenny. I thoroughly enjoy my business and all that it entails!  I'm

32 years old, single, and raise my 12 year old nephew full-time in Humboldt

County, CA. I also work full-time and work on my business full-time as well. I'm

sure you've managed to guess my secret. I enjoy staying busy and being

somewhat of a workaholic.


My initial desire to make soap began when the store that I manage couldn't get in

contact with our previous soap maker. After numerous attempts, I decided it

would be really fun to learn how to make soap and other products myself.

But I knew there was a lot to learn and that it could take quite awhile to even

come up with good formulas so I went on the "hunt" for soap businesses for

sale. I found a great lady in Texas who just happened to be selling hers because

she just didn't have enough time to dedicate to it along with all of her other

pursuits so I flew out to Texas, met with her, learned everything I could from her,

bought her inventory, formulas, customer base, etc. Since then, I have made

TONS of changes and continue to change and improve my business every day.


I LOVE customer service and hearing the rave reviews of my products. There's

no better feeling in the world than knowing that you did a good job and that

you've pleased your customers. Currently, any product listed on my site has

been made by me, and only me. I have a few friends who make jewelry that I

may put up links to, but anything posted on my site with pictures has been

created by me. Being the owner of a business and creating products is definitely

in "my blood." My parents have owned a business since before I was born

and my dad, creates all kinds of fun, wood novelties that he sells on wholesale

and retail levels so running a business, making products, and everything that is

involved certainly wasn't a new concept for me in 2008!


As time allows, I'm continuing to work on creating a catalog for wholesale

customers. I'm also working more on more on editing my website, adding new

products, new promotions, gift bags, etc. so please, please bookmark my site,

become a fan of www.jbinspirations.com on Facebook to find out the latest

promotions, and visit my site often!


I'm at my computer quite a bit so feel free to send me an email telling me how

much you enjoyed a certain product, to ask a question, to place a special order,

or just to say hi!


Thanks for visiting my page and getting to know me. I look forward to getting to

know you as well!



Jenny Baleme



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